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retail locations


day production

Moving at the
speed of retail

There’s a phrase we commonly throw around the office that succinctly describes the challenge our industry faces everyday: “move at the speed of retail.” We understand the high stakes decisions our clients are being asked to make each day to accommodate the diverse and constantly changing preferences of the consumer, and to do it on a budget. A recent project with Williams-Sonoma is a great example of how we take an outside the box approach to best support our clients with the resources we have at hand.

One of the biggest multi-channel
specialty retailers in the world
We were tasked to review both their print and point of purchase fixture programs, and find ways to make producing and managing them more cost effective. Our review only took a few weeks, and covered everything from store walks down to their internal process for managing store rollouts.
Excelling with rapid advancement
in digital printing
With our experience in database software, we designed a custom application that would house hundreds of location-specific details for more effective asset management. What’s more, it doubles as a portal where stores can communicate directly to corporate decision makers through an iOS or Android app, upload images, track special requests, and does not need special coding or training to keep all the data up to date.

We provided the horsepower

When reviewing their fixture program, we understood their decision makers worked most effectively when they had a physical fixture to review, but the high cost to produce a single fixture each time an idea came up was not sustainable. Additionally, the cost for their team to conceptualize, design, prototype, get pricing, produce, and manage each project made the process that much more difficult. Our fixture team was able to help streamline the design process, provide incremental visual examples without producing a prototype each time, and produce prototypes in as little as 2 days.

Advancing the process quickly
By using CAD renderings from SolidWorks, or non-engineering visual concepts in AutoDesk Fusion360, and 2D visuals in Adobe InDesign and Illustrator, we were able to advance the process quickly from napkin sketch to real life product. As a result, we provided the horsepower so that decision makers could quickly see if they had a project they wanted to roll out, or put on the shelf.
End-to-end Retail Experiences
By combining these different areas of services and experience, we were able to help Williams-Sonoma save time and money for the design, production, and management of their company-wide marketing campaigns.

We specialize in growing pains.

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